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ProfiLogic, Founded in 1999, is an IT Services company that has been providing customized IT Solutions to meet the needs of Medium to Large Enterprises in the Public Sector and Education, Life Sciences, Finance, Insurance, and Telco Industries. We at ProfiLogic understand your IT needs and tailor the exact solution that fits business reality

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Since the year of our founding in 1999, we have been working with medium to large enterprises to meet their IT needs.
These years of experience have given us the depth of insight to truly understand the key to project success.


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  • In which professions there are many vacancies in Switzerland.

    The prospects for the Swiss job market are brightening. At the beginning of the year, the number of vacancies has increased significantly. Professionals are sought in various industries. (more in German).

  • According to a global survey, Switzerland is one of the most popular places to work

    According to a global survey Switzerland is a very attractive place to work: Nearly a third of respondents could imagine to work in this country. Switzerland is therefore in the top five of the worlds best working areas. (more in German)

  • Job rejections - the way you sould not do it

    The keyword Candidate Experience is on everyone's lips. This includes positive experiences of the candidate with the company throughout the recruitment process - even with job rejections. Some examples about the way you should not do it. (more in German)

  • IT skills shortage in companies

    The IT skills shortage in business is home-made. Almost two thirds of IT departments are at least temporarily understaffed. (more in German)

  • ProfiLogic AG offers IT Nearshoring from Croatia and Egypt

    ProfiLogic AG offers IT resources and nearshore software development projects from Croatia and Egypt. (more in German)

  • Contracting - Implementing IT Projects

    Sufficient development capacity and know-how are the basic factors for the timely completion of IT projects. The use of unqualified personnel jeopardizes the project's success. Important are highly qualified and reliable professionals having the appropriate knowledge for the project and experience. (more in German)

  • The Pool of Specialists From ProfiLogic

    Using the exact search criterias, the desired IT specialists and their availabilities are elicited in the ProfiLogic pool with special search tools. In addition to professional and technical suitability twelve other criteria that must vote for a use with a customer are used within ProfiLogic. (more in German)

  • Are You Looking for Qualified and Certified Project Managers?

    ProfiLogic has a pool of experienced, qualified and certified project managers. (more in German)



ProfiLogic has supported Swiss Re successfully for many years in the project-oriented IT area.

The division Customized IT Solutions of ProfiLogic has repeatedly proven to be an extremely reliable and service-oriented partner. Above all, the indefatigable "Can-Do" attitude is refreshingly positive and characterizes them!

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