Nearshore & Solutions - Flexible, Efficient and Cost-Related

The top concern of most enterprises in Switzerland is obtaining the best quality.  Less quality translates to not only unsatisfied customers, but more expense in the long run.  As such, we are committed to delivering top quality.   ProfiLogic Nearshoring is the answer to saving money without compromising on quality.
As a local Swiss company, we understand the culture and the need for an onsite presence, but at the same time we are able to find the right balance to meet the customer’s needs for control, quality and saving money. With ProfiLogic Nearshoring, we have offered our customers since 2003:

  • Our Agile, Iterative approach to Nearshoring:  in addition to the standard waterfall model where you can provide a detailed requirements document and we offer you a Fixed Price Project, we offer agile Nearshoring where we adopt an iterative approach using Prototypes and Proof-of-Concepts to deliver solutions that meet your needs. This is ideal for customers who do not know yet exactly what they want, but need quick results without the extra costs.
  • Extended Team: Our extended team model is ideal for companies that have low to zero experience with offshoring. We provide a very basic training to your employees and slightly modify the ways-of-working so the model feels like the developers are integrated just like onsite developers.
  • Access to Highly-Skilled IT Experts: We have over 900 Experts in our various Nearshore locations that are dedicated to your success. Some of our Swiss customers have more than 100 Developers working on their projects remotely. Within weeks you will be able to have the developers that you need.
  • Quality, Quality, Quality: We have over 120 Experts that are part of our Nearshore Quality Division. In addition to ensuring that the development we offer is of top quality, we can offer Quality as a Service where highly experienced quality engineers are testing your software.
  • Variety of Technologies: We have experts in Microsoft .NET, Sharepoint and other Microsoft Technologies as well experts in IBM Websphere, Datastage, Cognos, Oracle, Java and more.
Let us work with you to provide the right mix of local and Nearshore resources to find the best fit for your business needs.