Managed Services - Customized IT Service

Has your new product just gone live?  Or do you have an existing product that needs to be supported?  You would like the product to be supported, but you do not want to manage a team or have the costs of a dedicated resource on your payroll? Then ProfiLogic Managed Services is your answer.
We will gladly work with you to make your application ready to be managed. We will customize the necessary KPI’s and SLA’s for you to ensure that you receive the exact level of service you are looking for. You will receive all the reports and transparency you need to ensure the application is up and running and your customers are receiving the service they need.
Whether we take over the full support of your software products or just handle the first or second level support through our Engagement Managers, ProfiLogic Managed Services is the perfect and cost efficient “all-in-one” solution.
The same applies for the complete testing cycle. We take over single areas, such as the definition of test plans or test cases or the complete testing cycle upon your request.
Our longtime experience in the support of software products (independent of being developed by us or being “out of the box” solutions) allows us to quickly build up knowledge and include new products into our existing support structures.