Fixed Price Projects - The Full Control over Your Costs

In addition to our agile and iterative approaches, we also provide Fixed Price Projects. These are ideal for customers who know what they want but want to avoid the headache of managing the details of the project and at the same time expect to save money. This either includes the complete handling of the project (incl. PM) or only the development with or without project management and / or testing.
A fixed price project delivers exactly what you, as our customer, expect and that is only what you pay for. Clearly defined deliverables allow us to take the responsibility for the in time delivery of your project for a fixed fee.
We believe in a strong and close collaboration with our customers when it comes to implementing fixed price projects, because a successful project can only be accomplished together.
By combining our onsite consultants with our Nearshore resources, highest synergies can be achieved. Our Project Managers are able to implement your project requirements efficiently and cost effectively by their direct contact to our customers and their experience and knowledge of our Nearshore team.
With our combination of In-house Project Managers, Onsite and Nearshore Developers we are able to offer presence at the customer site balanced with the cost savings of Nearshoring.
If you are considering a fixed-price project, we can help you with the following:
  • Project Managers
  • Defining the Requirements: Perhaps you would like to run a fixed-price project, but the requirements are not clear and at the same time you do might not have the time or skills to invest in requirements definition. We would be happy to support you in defining the requirements
  • End-to-End Fixed-Price Project Delivery
  • Agile Project Delivery combined with Fixed-Price Project Delivery: We have encountered projects that have parts which are clearly defined while others still require definition.  Our agile ways-of-working allows us to offer a custom solution for you. Sometimes a mix of project approaches is the best solution for our customer.