ProfiLogic - Who We Are

ProfiLogic, Founded in 1999, is an IT Services company that has been providing customized IT Solutions to meet the needs of Medium to Large Enterprises in the Public Sector and Education, Life Sciences, Finance, Insurance, and Telco Industries.         Patrick CasuttXING-Profil ansehen
General Manager

We at ProfiLogic understand your IT needs and tailor the exact solution that fits business reality. We achieve this by comprehending the nature of your IT challenge first and then work with you to identify the exact fit. The unique breadth of services that we offer allows you to choose from a variety of solutions.

You may have a running project and simply require a highly skilled contractor for a specific time period to support you in the delivery, or seek the recruitment of an internal employee. At this point we are able to draw on our highly skilled and motivated recruiters to find the right specialists.  It may be as well, that you require a Project Manager to actually deliver or rescue your project. In this case we can draw upon our in-house Project Management team and find the right person to accompany or lead your Project.  You may have cost pressures, but are definitely not willing to compromise on quality. We know how to help you by offering you our nearshore resources that have proven time and time again to deliver quality solutions for our Swiss customers.
You might be at the point where you prefer to hand your entire Project over to professionals who can deliver it end-to-end at a predictable price. We can provide requirement engineers who create a fixed-price project offer tailored to your needs.
Once your system goes into support, we also provide a wide range of support models (from Resource Based to Managed Services) which we customise based on your needs).
We at ProfiLogic are proud of being able to offer you a range of solutions from resource-based, up to fixed-fee projects as well as managed services. Our experience is dedicated to your success. We have provided our customers in Switzerland time and time again the right solution for their needs.
Furthermore, we are able to leverage our Out-of-the-Box Offerings that will shorten your Project Delivery time with our industry specific solution sets.  Why develop from scratch if you can re-use what we have done already and take advantage of our experience?
That is the reason why we have long lasting relationships with our customers who highly value our service. Our customers include Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Swiss RE, Abraxas Informatik AG, Credit Suisse, Swiss Life, Swisscom, BMW and Julius Bär among others.