General Business

Profilogic specializes in a continuum of solution categories that altogether represent the technological cornerstones of today's competitive organization. Using extensive vertical know-how in each solution category and horizontal integration aptitude, ProfiLogic delivers world-class, secure and tailored services that align with customer roadmaps and unique requirements.

Integrated Support Services

ProfiLogic offers an array of support and maintenance services designed to guarantee maximum availability. We work on three levels, from the infrastructure layer to the platform layer and up to the application layer, to design and deploy, manage and maintain, and enhance your business-dependent tools.


A prerequisite for today’s organizations, portals offer an automated “one-stop-shop” for consumers, employees, and business partners to share information and connect cross-location and cross-application, boosting productivity, collaboration, and profitability.

ProfiLogic Portal Services
  • New portal architecture
  • Portal usability and interface design
  • End-to-end portal implementation services
  • Portal internationalization
  • Portal platform upgrade and migration
  • Portal administration, maintenance, and support services
  • Customization and integration with ERP, CRM, BI, and existing enterprise applications

Business Intelligence

Adopting advanced Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing technologies enhance the capability of an organization to make informed, quick, and measurable decisions. To boost profitability and beat competition, organizations seek to increase productivity and cut costs, as well as monitor and control performance. ProfiLogic leverages its expertise, cross-industry track record, and strong partnerships to offer scalable BI and Data Warehousing services that deliver enterprise-wide data consistency, dashboard reporting, and performance management as well as spend visibility solutions.

ProfiLogic Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Services
  • Business Intelligence consulting services
  • Data management
  • ETL with ERP, CRM, and other enterprise systems
  • Near real-time interactive reporting and analysis
  • Business performance management
  • Rich, Ajax, web front-end development
  • Data warehouse availability assurance
  • Spend visibility and supplier intelligence solutions


Today it is no longer enough to communicate through one way messages to your stakeholders, whether customers, partners, suppliers or employees; you must engage with them in an ongoing ‘two-way’ dialogue. As such, CRM systems have become critical in helping Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Field Service Management, and even Finance and Human Resources, to perform their jobs effectively and nurture these relationships that grow business.

ProfiLogic has engaged in successful CRM implementations that span various industries from government to financial services. Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM (and xRM), all ProfiLogic ready-made and custom-built solutions integrate smoothly with existing applications, offer a variety of features and functionalities, and have translated for our customers into better customer service, increased efficiency, and enhanced collaboration.

Enterprise Application Integration (SOA)

To achieve enterprise agility, ProfiLogic offers the experience, tools, and structured methodology to architect, develop, and deploy a new Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), or integrate new systems into an existing one. Bus-driven architecture boosts organizational ability to respond to changes without having to modify, retouch, or replace every legacy IT system.

We leverage Magic Quadrant SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) technologies including Sonic ESB, BEA AquaLogic and Tuxedo (now part of Oracle), TIBCO, and Microsoft BizTalk, to deliver state-of-the-art EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) solutions.

ProfiLogic EAI Services
  • Design a secure, scalable, and interoperable service architecture
  • Build an unified enterprise service bus
  • Develop and integrate application interfaces for enterprise systems
  • Manage, monitor, and control enterprise service policies
  • Model business processes into composite applications that leverage enterprise Web Services
  • Monitor and manage runtime performance of business service infrastructure

Application Development Outsourcing

Software development organizations and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) face change management, cost reduction, and time-to-market requirements. They seek trusted partners as extended development and co-development arms for building innovative and world-class software.

With proven onshore and offshore business engagement and certified software development models, ProfiLogic who accrues its skills, processes, and technology partnerships to offer application design, development, implementation, quality management, security auditing, deployment, and support.

ProfiLogic Application Development Outsourcing Services
  • Application design
  • Application development and implementation
  • Application quality management
  • Application security auditing 
  • Application deployment and support

Application Testing Services

With increased pressure to meet software delivery dates, decrease costs, and improve software quality, more companies are opting for nearshore or offshore testing. Research unveils that companies switching to offshore testing realize up to 75% in cost cuts. In addition, these companies report decreased risk, improved software quality, and faster testing cycles.

ProfiLogic provides a full breadth of testing services that include enterprise software testing, training, and consulting. The services include functional testing and extend to performance and security testing to ensure software reliability and operability.

ProfiLogic testing process framework is augmented by CMMI Level 3 certification which ensures that all testing processes and procedures are well defined and standardized in accordance with international benchmarks. ProfiLogic collaborates with a high-caliber team of quality engineers, many of them hold testing certifications such as CSQE, CSTE, and ISTQB. ProfiLogic combines in-depth vertical industry expertise with a robust testing process to provide a testing service that addresses the diverse needs of customers across different industries and practices.

Application Security Services

More than 75% of security spend goes to fortifying network security, while 75% of attacks occur at the application layer. Heightened regulatory requirements and increasingly sophisticated threats have triggered a re-think of how best to go about securing information and systems. ProfiLogic has incorporated browser-based application security into all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). ProfiLogic has access to a comprehensive suite of security consulting and training services that include threat modeling, security design review, white box code reviews, and black box penetration testing.

ProfiLogic security service offerings are focused on three categories:
  • Consulting: Security consulting that spans all stages of the SDLC.
  • Auditing: ProfiLogic assists companies with up and running applications to ensure that their systems are secure and can't tolerate any security risks.
  • Training: our qualified staff prepares and presents a varied number of topics in application security for different types of audiences.