Finance & Insurance

We have been offering resources and solutions in the Finance and Insurance area since 1999. This long experience allows us to provide not only highly qualified IT-Specialists, but also specialists that understand the business, whether it be finance or insurance. We also have developed solutions and portals for both the finance and insurance industry. So if you are looking for resources to augment your team or you intend to hand over projects or parts of project, we can support you.
We also have a long history with mainframe operating systems and porting of software from legacy systems to new technologies. Therefor you might be interested either in plain resources or fixed-price projects.
There are also cases where you have legacy applications that are being used, but the cost of support and retaining the knowledge is very high. In this case we are able to offer you managed services where we can take over the support of the application after the definition of the right KPI’s and SLA’s to ensure you get the support you need.